5 Secrets of playing in the Merge subgenre

Since 2017, Fusion Games has been in the top ranks of the TOP 5 casual subgenres. The idea of ​​fusion games allows players to combine similar elements together to create a new item. The simplicity of game mechanics allows you to create unique games by changing the theme. The 4Enjoy team offers some tips to create interesting games with merging mechanics.

Understand The Basics

The sub-genre of fusion games is among the puzzle types that offer the most basic game mechanics. The idea is that you drag and drop similar items to create another higher level item. The basic concept is that higher level items have more value. Considering the number of merges it would take to get them. Merging is a simple but effective method to induce a sense of excitement.

A prerequisite for merge games must be:

  • limited space on the board
  • different types of elements that cannot be combined together
  • gradual opening of boards
  • tasks with different types of tasks
  • generators produce 2 main lines of items

When planning a meta game, you should immediately determine what resource is consumed to perform actions. The best way would be to use energy.

How it works? For example, you have an energy limit of 100 for playing a puzzle merge board. It replenishes every 90 seconds. Merging items does not consume energy, but tapping supplies costs 1 energy. For the full restoration of the devastated energjibar, you can lay 15 minutes. Around such a scheme, it is easy to build additional activity that can be monetized.

Sequential execution of tasks

So that the gameplay does not cause a feeling of monotony, you should create restrictions of various types.

Objects for restrictions:

  • space on the board
  • amount of energy
  • the number of items to complete tasks
  • number of generators

Using these restrictions, you create conditions in which the player will choose different strategies to achieve their goals. The general strategy is to choose the mission that is easiest to complete. It is also worth alternating the complexity of tasks. If each mission requires only one item, it will be too easy. Missions should challenge the player’s strategy and organizational skills.

Free space on the board

As the level grows, the player needs to create conditions in which he will have to save space on the board. This will encourage the player to use various upgrades and make in-game purchases for crystals, coins or bucks.

In Makeover Merge, the player quickly gets used to the idea that the most valuable resource is free space. The player strives to have more free space to work.
To increase the interest in clearing space, Makeover Merge uses locked items that need to be released. The items obtained from the merger are needed to complete tasks. This logic is visible even to an inexperienced player, which gives meaning to the monotonous work in the game and motivates them to strive to complete the game to the end.

Additional storage

The Extra Storage is a full-fledged secondary storage board for items that can be used in future fusions. The game mechanics of the vault is based on the fact that most of it will be blocked when accessing it. The gradual unlocking of cells creates an additional task, causes a feeling of growing progress.

Additional storage can serve as a source of monetization. For example, in the game Riversayd Merge and Makeover Merge, during a special event, you can open up to 5 slots when spending a resource.

Free bonuses and advertising

Daily and additional rewards create a powerful motivation to complete tasks in the game. They accelerate progress, which helps to get rid of the feeling of monotonous work. The system of bonuses and additional resources received for viewing ads encourages the player to spend more.

For example, you have a maximum of 100 energy and it replenishes every 90 seconds. You can easily spend everything, especially if you play very actively. The game provides an opportunity to receive additional energy as a reward.

Sources of additional resources:

  • complete special missions
  • viewing ads
  • play Wheel of Fortune or similar events
  • get a reward for daily entry into the game

Any opportunity to get some more energy or extra lives pushes the player into action. Receiving encouragement, he tends to play more. Small gifts have a positive effect on retention and engagement rates.

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