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Zoo Rescue

Help zoo worker Robert restore the zoo. Collect and compare fruits to feed hungry animals. You will create a house for a lion, zebra, elephant and other animals. Will your pets be hungry at the zoo you are building? Go through the levels to discover new scenery and locations.

Tigers, zebras, hippos and other animals will help you build a new zoo. Save the animals and the zoo from decay. There is a lot of fun in the zoo and garden. Plant new trees, choose garden decor.

The zoo is located in a sweet place. Nearby is a farm and a large forest near the zoo. As well as an orchard, which was once a diamond of the zoo. The game has a complete simulator of the zoo and animals. Once you have completed the construction of this area, you will be able to interact with the animals.

The game has many levels. Combine sweet fruits and create bombs. Feed hungry pets with delicious and organic berries, fruits and vegetables. Maybe animals like more cookies and fruit jelly? Be careful, a cunning monkey will try to steal the keys to the zoo. Stop this animal with jam, fruit and juice.

Invite your friends to join the adventure. Decorate the zoo faster with the help of friends. Enjoy the zoo saga with friends.

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