Unity as a Mobile Game Engine – Why We Chose It, Pros and Cons

Unity is a game engine for developing video games. It has been used to create a lot of games on a variety of platforms and devices. When 4Enjoy started making our mobile games it was an easy decision for us to go with Unity as the middleware engine because it offers great performance on Android and iOS, as well as gives developers full control over their product from start to finish. In this blog post, we will discuss some reasons why we decided on Unity as our choice for a mobile game engine and some of its pros and cons.

Unity is a cross-platform engine which means that you can develop your game once and deploy it to multiple platforms. This is a huge plus for us because we want our game to be available on as many devices as possible. Another big advantage of Unity is its large community of developers which means that you can find help and support easily if you need it.

However, Unity also has some disadvantages. One of them is the fact that you have to learn a relatively new library than what most developers are used to. Another one is the lack of flexibility when it comes to certain tasks such as creating high-performance shaders or importing heavy assets into your game, for example.

As we can see there are many reasons why Unity is a popular choice for mobile game development. It offers great performance and cross-platform support, as well as a large community of developers who are always willing to help. Overall, we believe that Unity is still the best choice for us because it is fast, easy to use and offers great performance on Android.

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